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The band started their activities in 1993 as a trio (guitar, drums and bass) playing rockabilly, surf instrumentals and rock and roll from 50s. After some line up changes, they recorded their first demo album on 1996 (“Wild & Primitive”) with a very limited pressing. The band added some percussion, to get a little bit of a Latin flavour in their sound. Since then their repertoire is composed only of surf and rock instrumentals with Latin and Brazilian musical influences. Their second CD, titled “Sonido de la Frontera”(Sound of The Frontier) issued on 1998 shows the band's new sound directions. Their third CD titled “La Shereefa”, was issued on 2000 and shows a more rehearsed band, with great guitar riffs and some excellent instros composed by the group musicians. On their last (3rd) album on CD, the band included some Spanish songs ("Gaspacho", "Hotel Loneliness" and "Malagenã"), with clever arrangements, mixing the surf music with the sound of the traditional Flamenco guitar sound. The Gasolines used to tour in São Paulo and other near cities and their current line is Alexandre Kanashiro (guitar), Fábio Barbosa (drums), Cesar Vaz (bass) and Gustavo Barreto (drums, percussion).




1) CD “Sonido de la Frontera”, 14 all instrumental tracks, issued on 2000, with some self penned compositions plus some known instrumentals as Jack The Ripper, Baja, Take Five, The Victor, Rumble. Nice playing, clever arrangements, pure surf music with a strong latin music influence.


2) CD “La Shereefa”, 14 all instrumental tracks, issued on 2001, with strong influence of the Spanish music, mainly from Andalusia region. The group mixed a reverberant surf music sound with the Flamenco acoustic guitars to make a unique instrumental sound.


Both CDs are available only through the band.


Web site: http://gasolines.hypermart.net


e-mail: gasolines@zipmail.com.br




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