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Nick Garrie

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Nick Garrie, "The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas" (1969)

por Gilberto Custódio



"One of the most mysterious and sought after albums ever... A

masterpiece of dark and enigmatic downer orchestral folk-rock beauty

redolent of Nick Drake or even, er, Peter Sarstedt if you please!


A languid, orchestral post-psychedelic treat, it's equal parts UK

baroque-downer pop/folk, with echoes of Peter Sarstedt and Al Stewart,

and Euro grown up yet now-sounding pop, where Dutronc meets

Aznavour...and Gainsbourg is the Daddy."


Link: http://massmirror.com/9f12314c52259064f81ea24c2799a42d.html


1. The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas

2. Can I Stay With You

3. Bungles Tours

4. David's Prayer

5. Ink Pot Eyes

6. The Wanderer

7. Stephanie City

8. Little Bird

9. Deeper Tones Of Blue

10. Queen Of Queens

11. Wheel Of Fortune




13. Queen Of Spades

14. Close Your Eyes



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