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Sundance, "Sundance" (1971)

por Gilberto Custódio



This classy slice of Northern Californian rural psych was originally

released in 1971, and makes its CD debut here. A winning combination

of melodic pop and heavier jamming that will appeal to fans of the

Grateful Dead and the Allman Bros., it features strong songs and

memorable guitar interplay, but had the misfortune to appear just as

its label was going under, and thus undeservedly sank without trace.


Link: http://massmirror.com/66e360974349b660d265749363b03cfc.html


Track Listing:

1. Train Time

2. Jeweled Scene Stealer

3. Strange New Time

4. Chico Women

5. Changes

6. People Changin'

7. Blue Water

8. Movie

9. Hollywood Dancers


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