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 Born out of the intention to create music that ran away from formulas, Vurla is guided by the spontaneity of its members. Key players in the Brazilian underground scene, Sergio Ugeda, Guilherme Barrella, Dagoberto Donato, Keke Toledo and brothers Bruno and Eduardo Ramos play on bands such as Headache, Blue Afternoon and Diagonal, among others. Live shows can go from classic guitar-bass-drums up to a bizarre orchestra with melodica, laptop, atonal guitars, vintage keyboards and tribal percussion. As result we have instrumental micro-symphonies that go from meditative to aggressive, hypnotic to chaotic, spiritual to nonlinear, simple fun to shamanism.  The experimental sound and improvised structures search tracks in the sound of bands such as Jackie-O Motherfucker, Godspeed You!  Black Emperor and No-Neck Blues Band, but are immerse in styles as psychedelic folk, krautrock, post-punk, minimalism, post-rock and no wave.


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